. . .  PAST  LIFE  REGRESSION  &  HEALING  . . .  

Past Life Regression with Amuna can be either a Past Life Journey or Regression Therapy, scroll down for full descriptions of each of these; then come the other sessions Amuna offers - EarthStar Healing, Spirit Releasing, and Channelled Guidance.

   . . .  PAST LIFE JOURNEY  . . .   

A Past Life Journey is for you if you just want to explore your past lives out of interest or if you want to follow up your own glimpses of previous lives to gain a fuller picture and more understanding of the story (and do not wish to work with therapeutic transformation.)

"I've been feeling more inside myself ... able to feel my feelings and more able to explain them to my lovely fiance and this has made our lives easier ... Now I know my fear of losing him was a part of that past life, my dreams of him leaving me have gone."                                                                                             Naomi, Paignton

What can I expect in a Past Life Journey?

First I will help you to relax comfortably and then gently guide you  into a visualisation leading to one of your past lives. This is a two hour journey using the bridge of your imagination to access the memories hidden deep within you. As your memories begin to flow in you will find yourself telling the story of your past life as you re-experience it. It is an inner journey quite unique for each person, and my job is to facilitate your remembering.

Can anyone experience a Past Life Journey?

Today the veil is lifting from previous lives and I find that nearly all the people who come to me are able to perceive the significant themes and events in a past life regression, and most receive deep insights, experiencing a lot of detail and usually recognising souls who figure in their current lives also.

How can working with my past lives help me now?

You are likely to become conscious of gifts and abillities which you possessed in previous lives and you will know these to be part of your soul. This works to empower you in your present life for you realise they are still in some way accessible now. As you begin to recognise and release the patterns and blocks of your past lives, you will also be able to integrate the insights into your life. This transforms the way you react to people and situations. You are likely to emerge from this process of healing energised, with an expanded sense of self and with a new regard for others.

   . . .  REGRESSION  THERAPY  . . .  

Regression can be an extremely effective form of therapy because it reaches back to the root cause of an issue in order to release and heal the ongoing effects in the current life.

"Thank you. The work you did with me has been of tremendous benefit. I feel relieved of an enormous burden after such a long, long time. So much now makes sense to me... I feel as if I am arriving in this life-time for the first time - and it is beautiful!" 
 HT, Dartington.

"Some years ago I first experienced Amuna's spiritual insights in working with colour through painting... Had I not known and trusted Amuna I probably wouldn't have tried this, but when I had a session with her I could hardly believe how vividly I could hear, smell and see 'myself' in another time/place and body. Amuna understood my perplexion and she helped me to be confident enough to stay within the re-lived (and, in cases, upsetting) scenes. 
She helped to make sense of a past-life event that had been causing me irrational fear for most of my life, so that the emotion no longer overruns me. She also helped me to view my relationship with my mother with less guilt and sadness, empowering me to be more objective and yet compassionate."
Penny R, Forest Row.

How is Regression Therapy different from a Past Life Journey?

Regression Therapy focusses on a particular symptom or problem. The aim is resolve the issue by going back to the original cause, usually in a past life, and allowing your reactions to it to transform through reaching deep insights on a spiritual level and releasing the imprints carried over in your body and emotions. Wherever in the cycles and spirals of time the transformational work is done, its effects work deeply into the soul and echo into all other aspects.

Can Regression Therapy help emotional problems?

It's very good for working on an emotional issue. Going back to discover the original cause, and transformational work on a spiritual level, can result in profound changes in your feelings and thoughts. This in turn changes your attitudes to your life and relationships with other people. And when you feel and think differently you find that how you interact with everyone else is quite transformed and life flows much more smoothly.

What about physical symptoms?

Some unexplained physical symptoms can be the etheric imprints of past life trauma carried over into the present. They often work as an irritant, pushing you to do something about them until you wake up to the message they are bringing you. These can respond very well to Regression Therapy - and the resulting insights are often as precious as the pearl that started off as a bit of grit inside the oyster!

How many sessions are needed?

There are sometimes excellent results from the first session, though more usually three to five sessions at intervals of about a fortnight are needed to fully resolve and integrate an issue.



Regression Therapy is a broad holistic therapy which draws on  various therapeutic modalities, such as Energy Healing, as and when needed by the client. Amuna also offers the following as separate  one hour  sessions, though Spirit Releasing sometimes needs longer.

   . . .  EARTHSTAR HEALING . . .  

Earth-Star Healing is a deep cellular healing through the voice and the resounding harmonics of the gong. The sound vibrations pass through all parts of the body, the skin, tissues, organs and glands, the bony structure, and right down into the cells, where they enfold each cell with a resonance that vibrates in such a way that it can align it with its original blueprint. That’s how it can heal and re-energise our systems, without even knowing precisely what is wrong. For example, when there is something to be healed like cancer, where the cells have been stimulated to multiply and reproduce in an abnormal pattern, it can have a powerful healing effect through its ability to normalise the cells through realigning their frequency. And when the healing tones of Star Languages are added to the gong these effects are greatly enhanced.

The Star Language I channel through is one of the Pleiadian healing languages from my star home on Alcyone. It sounds like a mixture of chanting and singing, sometimes single tones held for a while and sometimes in rapid bursts of intricate sounds. I am at the same time channelling healing energy and working with a synthesis of sound and intention for the greatest good of all who are present, and we are joined by my Healing Colleagues from Arcturus, the Pleiades, and other stars, with whom I work in the City of Light. This Healing is also of real assistance in the ongoing process of transformation of our physical bodies into the light body, downloading each time an increased quotient of light into the energetic system of our etheric bodies, our life bodies.

    . . .  SPIRIT RELEASING . . .   

If you feel that there could be energies or spirits attached to you which are not really yours, then a Spirit Releasing session may be helpful for you. Amuna scans your body and energy field and works to release any energy or entity which doesn't belong back to its own element, or to the light, as appropriate. Call Amuna to talk over whether Spirit Releasing may help you.

  . . .  CHANNELLED GUIDANCE  . . .  

Amuna is a conscious telepathic channel (not a medium) and in a Channelled Guidance session she will channel advice from the spiritual masters and angels, as well as the Star Councils of Light with whom she works, on questions to do with your spiritual path or life journey. There will also be the opportunity for you to ask direct questions if you wish. Also available as a telephone session; arrange an appointment with Amuna, and pre-pay by Paypal.     


      . . .  COSTS  . . .    

My rates are £50 an hour (The same as my garage - I'm an experienced soul-mechanic!) Past Life Journeys and Regression Therapy are both two hour sessions at £100. The other therapies I offer are usually one hour sessions at £50, though Spirit Releasing may need longer.       


   . . .  LINKS  . . .  

The Past Life Regression Academy www.regressionacademy.com

The Spiritual Regression Therapy Association

The European Association of Regression Therapy (EARTh)                                                                                       www.earth-network.org


As a therapist, Amuna is committed to the highest standards of integrity, and she is fully qualified and professionally insured. She works to the standards and codes of ethics of the Past Life Regression Academy (PLRA), and the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association (SRTA).