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Message from the Star Councils of Light about The Star Temple in Calne near Avebury

given ‘for the dear souls who need to hear’ on 19 April 2012.

‘The Star Temple awaits you, dear souls. Amuna Ra has made it ready to receive you in the gatherings and workshops which begin soon. You wonder, dear ones, at the role of the Star Temple of Amun in these sacred lands dedicated to the Manu who has cared for them and watched over them since time immemorial. The Star Temple is a consecrated place of receiving of the messages and assistance of the star beings of the Star Councils of Light whose task it is to work over and into these sacred lands at the heart of Albion. You see our signs and messages in the crop formations which are a medicine for your dear Earth, which are a medicine for all those who enter to receive our energies, which are a communication for all those of a consciousness to decipher our thoughts.

‘Through Amuna Ra the connection to the sacred lands of Ancient Khem, your modern Egypt, is made and Amun Ra has been able to unite with the Manu of these sacred lands, thus redrawing the star connections which were made by the priests in ancient times when the Land of Khem was in constant communication with the sacred lands of Avebury and Stonehenge and Stanton Drew, the triad of ancient sacred sites in the heart of Albion. Human beings of developed consciousness are much needed for our work, for we star beings await your awakening, we await your conscious reception of our thoughts, we await your conscious decisions to open to working alongside us.

‘Thus have we requested Amuna Ra to hold the Star Connecting Courses and other workshops to assist souls to wake up, and also to take groups on Sacred Journeys to the  temples of the Two Lands (Egypt) to awaken to their own lives there. For time as you know it is really non-existent and as you open to your ‘past’ so do you assimilate this into your ‘present’ and access the strengths of your greater being, your starry being, which encompasses all lives and forms of existence. Such fully conscious souls are much needed now in this time of rapid change, so that the earth changes may be experienced as catalysts to personal awakening and that you may realise that your conscious co-operation with us, the star beings, is the next step in what is often called the ascension processes.

‘Dear ones, only connect to us, speak with us in your hearts, and we will hear you and be able to come closer and guide you on your path. We await you with love and shower our blessings upon you.

‘It is I, Maimonides, who speaks for the Star Councils of Light.’



On 25 June 2011 when I asked for a message about the Amun Star Temple for the website, the Pleiadians came through in joy and said to write this: 

"The Amun Star Temple was brought into being through the devoted work of Amuna Ra Tiye over long years. We led her to the place which could house the Pyramid of Light, which is the true form of the Star Temple, and where her work can take place. The beautiful inner space she has lovingly cared for can receive those who seek the transforming energy within. It can be a sanctuary for those who need repose, it can be a crucible for those shedding the past, it can be a Portal of Light for those opening to the stars.                    

"We have placed a shining star high above the apex for all to see so they may find the Star Temple. It will draw those souls who belong in the Mystery School which is at its heart under the direction of the Master Hilarion and the Lord Melchisedek. Amuna Ra is our co-worker on the earth and she will lead this Mystery School which begins with the new Star Connecting Course. All who belong will be welcome in the Amun Star Temple and will find the level right for their own point of development.  

"We rejoice at the reverence and connection to the Beings of Colour made by all in the Chakra Painting, for all were transformed through this course, and we came very close.  We rejoice at the monthly Star Gatherings, which bring so many souls together in meditation for the earth and the stars, and allows us to work with them.  We rejoice with all those dear souls who free themselves from the past through regression and open to their true mission and spiritual connections.     

"We wish all this work to blossom and to bring forth rich fruits in manifold variations, and we wish for a true Mystery School to open its doors to those who seek it in the autumn.

"Our blessings on the work of the Amun Star Temple, and on all who come to this place."

 The Pleiadians, for the Star Councils of Light, 25 June 2011                                                                               

In the Crop Circle at Cherhill, 26 July 2011


In July and August I was called to the last of this year’s crop circles in the Avebury area, and received many a message from the star beings who made them, as well as personal healing and initiation. The pull was strong to go back again, and over the last few weeks I have spent lots of time in the sacred places and walking the hills, where I experienced the great power of that ancient landscape to activate and reconnect us, channelling the beings as I went.

The upshot of all this is that I have been asked to move the Star Temple to Wiltshire for next year, so I can hold parts of my Star Connecting Courses and workshops in the crop circles and sacred landscape. So I am currently looking for the right house to hold the work of the Temple, and me. I will be here in Brixham for the next few months while the process takes place. I was absolutely delighted that Rebecca said she will hold meditation evenings in her house when the time comes for me to move, so the circle that has built up here can continue.

At the end of August, I channelled on top of West Kennett Long Barrow and asked Amun Ra about his relationship with the guardian of the sacred places, who is called the Manu and whose domain is centred there. What he said succinctly sums up the essence of each of these beings:

'Oh, dear Amuna Ra Tiye, the Manu is an ancient rank of being who guards the land and wishes the people to have heed of him and allow his forces, the earth pulses, to flow into them, so they may be super-charged with earth energy – activated, literally, by the Manu’s grace, which is earth-power. The Manu, who led his people in ancient times here from Atlantis, is now totally integrated with the sacred land itself. He has given his being to the land.

I, Amun Ra, am love and power and wisdom. I am a star being and a god of ancient times. I work still with all those who were deeply connected with me in those ancient days in the Land of Khem when they find their way to me again as you have done, my dear Queen. I also remain deeply connected with the land that you call Egypt now. But I am essentially a star being of the Pleiades system, leading the tribe of Ra. I watch over all those who belong to the tribe of Ra on the earth, and I delight to work consciously with those who can rise to my dimensions and speak with me. I wish you to teach these skills, dearest one.

You need to be living on this land in order to recharge your energies from the land. The Manu has called you here. You need to be here for we star beings also. We wish you to unveil our mysteries also here. We wish you to interpret our meaning in the crop circles for all to hear. The Harmony of the Earth and Star Mysteries, and Balance of Soul in order to speak with us, are your teaching tasks, oh beloved one.'

Amun Ra,  31 August 2011

Rainbow over Silbury Hill,  August 2011



Feel a stream of white light coming from high above and entering your crown, flowing down through all your chakras and going deep down into the earth below your feet. Centre yourself in your heart within this vertical stream of light now. Rest in the peace of your heart for a while, aware of the vertical alignment connecting you to all that is above and all that is below.

Now become aware of a horizontal stream of light passing through your heart and going out infinitely far to the left and infinitely far to the right. With this second stream of light you can feel yourself as a cross of light in two dimensions. Now imagine a third stream of light flowing horizontally through your heart going infinitely far out in front of you and infinitely far behind you through the back of your heart space.

Now you can feel yourself as a Star Cross, centred in your heart, suspended in space and shining your light out into the cosmos, where it can be seen from the farthest reaches of the universe. And your consciousness is centred in your still clear heart, at the very centre of your Star Cross.

From your heart you can use your consciousness to sense where the arms of the Star Cross meet the boundaries of your energy field or aura, usually about two or three feet out. Try it, feel how far out to the sides your aura stretches? Sense the slight change in feeling as you let your consciousness move up the vertical stream of light, how high is it above your head? And below your feet? And out in front of you? Is it the same distance behind you? It’s often more difficult to sense just where it is behind you. Try pushing the stream of light out further behind you and pulling it in closer. What does it feel like? Now let it go back to its normal position, and you will be more aware now of just where that is.

When you’ve got a sense of where your Star Cross meets the boundaries of your energy field, you will find it relatively easy to sense the whole of your aura around you like a transparent soap bubble. See or feel it now shimmering with light, the thin membrane completely enclosing you. For if you see it as a bubble it will always be intact. Inside your aura is your own energy. Feel what your energy feels like for a few moments… Feel and know the difference between your own energy and what is not you, outside your energy field. You need to be able to distinguish what is you and what is not you. And you can quickly check your aura anytime by seeing it as a shimmering bubble of light. Do this every day.


There are many things you can do as you become more adept at using your Star Cross: 

Centred in your heart after forming the Star Cross, you can send your consciousness out along any of the arms of the Star Cross to sense and explore what is there. Play with it for a while: allow your consciousness to flow out to the left along the stream of light, and see what it feels like… Try extending both ways horizontally, you can go so far that you get a sense of embracing the whole earth…

Let your awareness go slowly forward and see what you perceive, see whom you meet… And play with getting to know the back of your heart space… It’s a very special place, very good for sensing and communicating with elemental beings – try standing with your back to a tree and feeling through your back space…

And try descending down the vertical stream of light to explore the earth below… or ascending up the vertical stream of light connecting you with all that is above, and go where you wish, meet the beings who are waiting to communicate with you...

And always draw your consciousness back along the stream of light just the way you came to end up comfortably settled and centred in your heart. And give yourself a few moments to rest in the peace of your heart before you close the meditation with gratitude for your experiences.



From your heart move your consciousness up through your throat into the very centre of your head, where your Third Eye really is, below the Crown centre. This is the Star Chamber of Isis, which is called in Yoga the Cave of Brahma – this is the region of your head where the pituitary gland and the pineal are.

Try and feel this etheric space inside your head. It’s midway between your ears, and midway between the point between your eyebrows and the point where your neck meets the back of your head. There’s an eastern technique of putting the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, slightly to the back, that can help point you to where this space is. Try it… …

There are two doorways to the Isis Star Chamber, the Sun Portal between your eyebrows, and the Moon Portal where your neck meets the back of your head. The Sun Portal is the more masculine entrance, and has a golden colour, and the Moon Portal is the more feminine doorway and has a silvery colour.

In the West many of us are centred too far to the front of the head, often leaning forward, forehead furrowed in concentration, with an analytical focus. We are going to do a meditation to help move easily into the Star Chamber of Isis and be able to centre your consciousness in the true Third Eye, where the Star Beings and Spiritual Beings can send their pictures to us.

First we’ll practice a simple breathing exercise, to establish a rhythm of holding between in- and out-breaths:

Breathe in, slowly, right down into your belly, hold the breath inside, and breathe out, slowly letting all the breath out, now hold the breath outside.  Repeat… ….

Try this a few times for yourselves now, and feel the rhythm of this kind of breathing where you hold the breath inside your body after the in-breath, and hold it outside your body after the out-breath... Practice for a few moments now… …  … … and let your breathing return to normal.

Now imagine the Sun Portal like a golden funnel of light between your eyebrows, opening outwards to receive. As you breathe in this time, let this funnel focus a flow of golden light inwards into the Isis Star Chamber in the centre of your head. Hold the golden light there, and then breathe slowly out again…  … In the pause while the breath is out of your body, be aware of golden light streaming towards the portal from far off, and then breathe this golden light in slowly into the Isis Star Chamber. Hold it inside there for a moment, and then breathe slowly out… … In the pause be aware of the light streaming from infinite sources into the open Sun Portal; and then breathe the golden light in to fill the Star Chamber of Isis; hold the light there for a moment … Then breathe slowly out again… … Be aware in the pause of the Light coming towards the Sun Portal, and with your in-breath, let it stream into the Star Chamber within your head,  filling the Chamber with golden light. Hold… … and breathe slowly out again. Pause and see the golden Light streaming into the Sun Portal, and breathe it in so the Isis Star Chamber is filled with the golden light. Hold … and breathe out slowly.

This time in the pause, place your consciousness at the silver Portal of the Moon at the back of your head, which is also like a funnel to focus the silvery light inwards. And breathe in this silvery light slowly in and slightly upwards into the Star Chamber of Isis. Hold the light there, illuminating the Chamber with moon-light… and breathe slowly out again. As you hold the breath out, imagining the silvery light streaming from behind you into the open Moon Portal, and breathe it in slowly into the Star Chamber, feeling it filling with silvery light. Hold it there for a moment… and breathe slowly out again … … and while you pause, be aware of the silver light streaming towards the Moon Portal behind you. Breathe it slowly in and up to the Star Chamber. See it filling the space within with the silvery light … …  And hold it there… Breathe slowly out again… …

This time in the pause, be aware of both portals and see the golden light streaming into the Sun Portal and silver light streaming into the Moon Portal. Breathe the lights in simultaneously, see the Star Chamber filling up with golden and silvery light, mixing with bright sparks… Hold… and breathe out slowly… …and pause, watching the light stream towards each portal. Again let the light stream in through both the portals into the Star Chamber of Isis as you breathe in,  illuminating the inner space, filling the Star Chamber with gold and silver light… Hold … … and breathe out slowly… … In the pause, be aware of light streaming in towards both portals, golden in front and silver behind. Now breathe it in from both portals slowly into the Star Chamber inside your head, and be aware of how this light fills the Chamber almost to overflowing. It is becoming a pure white radiance, expanding the Star Chamber from inside to fill your whole head … Hold, there’s nothing in your consciousness now but this pure white brilliant light. You are only aware of this beautiful white light illuminating the Star Chamber of Isis from within… and breathe out, letting your breathing return to normal now, while you keep your consciousness in the light within the Star Chamber of Isis.

Rest within your Star Chamber with an open consciousness for a while and notice what you become aware of… … … You may be graced with the image of a crown of seven stars … and become aware that you are seeing  the Star Crown of Isis … and perhaps she may reveal herself to you more fully, as you continue gazing softly into her sacred Chamber… and grant you her blessings… … … The Star Chamber is where you are centred to receive the visions of Spiritual Beings and Star Beings, it is a place of receptivity to images, the place of true seeing… … Rest awhile here, and experience what it is given to you to see at this moment … … …

And now it is time to slowly become aware of the steady rhythm of your breath once more, just follow the normal rise and fall of the breath in your belly for a few breaths, and as you do, slowly let your consciousness descend from the Star Chamber and pass down the vertical stream of the Star Cross into your heart once more… … returning to your normal heart-centred consciousness… … and opening your eyes when you are ready.

Amuna Ra Tiye,  July 2011


My gongs in the Amun Star Temple, Brixham


                                                                                                   (with hand movements, see below)

The green of life in my heart flows down to gold of my power

       And back through my heart to the clear blue of the word, (3 times)

The green of life in my heart flows down to the orange of creating

       And up through my heart to the deep blue of seeing, (3 times)

The green of life in my heart flows down to the red of the root

       And up through my heart to the violet of the spirit, (3 times)

The green of life in my heart flows down to the grounding of earth

       And up through my heart to the guidance of the stars. (3 times)


The green of life in my heart transforms into the rose of love.


The rose of love in my heart flows in to myself

And out to my loved ones around me,

The rose of love in my heart flows in to myself

And out to the world all around me,

The rose of love in my heart flows in to myself

And out to the stars all around me.

Amuna Ra, June 2007, Majorca



(They really need to be demonstrated, though!)

This meditation is done with hand movements tracing out a figure of eight centred on your heart as you say the lines. The figure of eight grows ever bigger to encompass each of your chakras in pairs. Start with your hands over your heart, then move through the lower part of the figure of eight movement to pass over your solar plexus chakra, and back upwards crossing over your heart and loop over your throat chakra and round and down through your heart again. Repeat three times, and then make the movements bigger to encompass your sacral and third eye chakras, followed by your root and crown chakras. 

Then bring your hands to the level of your heart and turn then to face downwards, press them right down towards the earth and pause with both your hands flat and parallel to the ground to feel the earth energy rising into you, and similarly with the upward movement reach out with both arms outstretched like a chalice to feel the guidance of the star beings flowing down into you.

As the green of life transforms into the rose of love, you gather up the energy with both hands close to your heart from below, turn it inwards and then keep moving your hands as if turning the gesture inside out so your palms face outwards and release the energy symmetrically to each side and gather up the energy again from below into a bud in front of your heart.

For the last three lines start with your hands forming the rosebud, let the energy flow inwards to touch your heart with your fingertips, then turn your fingers down and outwards letting the energy radiate out to each side in a symmetrical sweep down to meet at the bottom, where you gather the energy into the rosebud again. (As you get used to doing this in a flowing movement you will realise the shape your hands make is a heart!) Then repeat the movement in a much bigger horizontal heart-shape for the world, and a very big vertical heart-shaped movement for the stars.


For the Channelling on THE REOPENING OF THE STAR PORTALS IN KARNAK & LUXOR please see Egypt Sacred Journey