Would you like to experience your soul's journey after death through the spirit realms before you were born in this life? And find out about your life purpose and soul connections? A Life Between Lives session is an opportunity to explore this fascinating realm and also, if you wish, to find out something of your star connections. 

"This is just to thank you with all my heart for the Life Between Lives - it was mind-blowing. The way you led me so gently and tenderly was amazing, truly loving and healing."  Margot C, Totnes

What is a Life Between Lives session like?

A Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression (as pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton) is a detailed exploration of your soul's journey after death lasting 3-4 hours. From a very deeply relaxed state Amuna will guide you into your last past life, which is the springboard into the spiritual world. When you pass through the death-point and move out into the spiritual light, the spirit realms will begin to open up for you to explore and eventually you will find yourself preparing for your birth into this life.

What sort of detail is involved?  

Each individual has their own unique experiences, according to their soul's journey and the questions they hold - and yours may not be just like those described in the books! But it almost always includes meetings with wise spiritual beings who help and care for you through your incarnations (your Higher Self, angels and/or spirit guides) and a reunion with the group of souls closest to you. And there are usually profound insights into the lessons you have chosen to work on which illuminate the overall purpose of your present life.

How will this affect me?

Experiencing yourself to be a spiritual soul that does not die, at home in the spirit realms where you can move at will and meet with spirit beings is deeply transformational. Afterwards you are likely to find you have new spiritual perspectives on your present life as well as profound personal messages from your guiding beings.

Will I have the chance to put my deepest spiritual questions? 

Yes, a Live Between Lives session is very much a co-operative working together and Amuna will make sure you have the opportunity to ask all the important questions you have prepared beforehand as well as those that arise during the session.

What's the Star Journey part of the session? 

Many people today are awakening to the realisation that they existed in the stars before their lives on earth began. Some of the old souls have been incarnating on this planet for many millennia and some have started coming much more recently - and together we all make up the rich tapestry of human existence. The urgency of our times is calling on more and more of us to wake up to our soul's origins now, so we can use our energy freely for our true tasks on earth. I
In an Life Between Lives session with Amuna, you will have the chance to discover more of your own unique soul connection to the stars. 

How can I best prepare for such a long and deep session? 

It's best to have a Past Life Regression with Amuna first, which will give you the chance of clearing anything that could hinder the depth of your LBL or Star Journey experience. Spiritual Regressions that are well prepared for by client and therapist working together usually prove to be extremely rich and powerful experiences. 

Star Journeys

Your Star Journey can also be explored as a separate session of 3-4 hours long which then has a greater focus on the star origin aspect than the inter life period - contact Amuna for more details. It is also the main part of the Star Journeys Workshop: Awakening to the Origins of Your Soul, where you have the opportunity of an inner experience as part of a group over a weekend, and you get to hear the stories of the others as well as your own.

   . . . APPOINTMENTS  &  COSTS . . .   

Appointments for Life Between Lives sessions are available in the Star Temple in the centre of Calne, a peaceful and comfortable location for this deep inner work. Life Between Lives and Star Journeys are each three to four hour sessions at £175.

Some clients coming from a distance choose to stay in a local B&B or hotel having their Past Life Regression the day they arrive and their Life Between Lives session or Star Journey the next morning.