. . . SACRED  JOURNEY  TO  EGYPT . . .   

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Amuna channelling by the Lady Sekhmet in the Temple of Mut, March 2012

On this group sacred tour, we stay in a quiet family-run hotel in the West Bank village of Bairat El-Gezira, a 5 minute walk to the ferry across the Nile for Luxor and Karnak Temples, and a short drive to the temples and tombs of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Nobles. I much prefer staying on the West Bank away from the touristy hustle and bustle and the noisy traffic of Luxor. You can sleep in peace and quiet, and wake up to birds singing in the midst of normal Egyptian village life, which is little changed over the centuries. Nasser in the hotel assures me that it is my second home, and they are happy to welcome as many of my friends as I want to bring! The rooms are all en-suite and single occupancy, unless you want to share. I love this hotel because all the rooms are painted in one beautiful clear colour - walls and ceilings, doors and cupboards - from blues and turquoises to yellows, oranges and reds. You can usually even choose the colour of your rooms on arrival. It's an incredible experience of being completely immersed in colour - a colour bath for the soul to restore you after the heat of the day.

           The workers' ferry over the Nile                             View from the small West Bank hotel

The inner intent of this Sacred Journey is to deepen our consciousness of our individual connections to the Land of Khem (Ancient Egypt) and to reinforce the connection to the stars of the sacred sanctuaries in Karnak and Luxor Temples through rituals, meditation and channelling. There will be a group Past Life Regression to an Ancient Egyptian life early on, and in 2012 these personal insights and connections vastly enriched the group's experience as the week progressed. My two trips to Luxor in 2010 and 2011 were made completely alone in a physical sense, though I was at all times accompanied by throngs of beings - who rejoice now that I am bringing companions with me each year! Here is one of the sacred chants to Ra at his rising that I was given:

Lord Ra, who gives us life!  Mighty is Ra in the morning.  See Ra is reborn.  

Look  to the eastern horizon.  See the rays of the Aten.  The Lord Ra lives again!

The two lands shall have life again.  The waters shall rise.  The crops shall grow.  

The people shall prosper.   The Lord Ra lives once more! Mighty is Ra in the morning.


Statues of Sekhmet in Karnak Temple               Stars above Amun Ra

For practical details and how to book, please read through the lists below of what is and is not included, and feel free to get back to me with any questions. When you book I will forward links to a website to familiarise yourself with present day Egyptian life and customs, like what to wear, and useful phrases – I got through amazingly well with only two words: Shukran (Thank you) and La (No), as well as the ubiquitous Inshallah (God willing).

So the call goes out to all of you who feel a resonance in your heart with this sacred journey to the beloved Land of Egypt, both ancient and modern! It would be wonderful if you can join the group and come with us this year!

With love and blessings,      Amuna Ra

ΔΔ   COSTS of SACRED JOURNEY TO LUXOR                        Contact me for the next dates 

                                         *£1,375  per person 

*This includes:

  • 7 nights B&B accommodation in a small quiet hotel on the West Bank (the big tourist hotels are on the other side of the Nile)
  • Being met at the airport and taken to the hotel
  • All in single rooms with simple en-suite facilities, though you can share a double if you wish - just let me know when you book.
  • Amuna to facilitate throughout
  • Group past life regression to Ancient Egypt
  • Evening Sound and Light Show in Karnak Temple
  • Meditations and rituals in the temples and sanctuaries
  • Sekhmet activation
  • Flexible free time each afternoon (except on a whole day trip)
  • Visits to tombs with magnificent wall paintings of the passage into the after-life, experiential inner work with the gestures in the tombs
  • Lots of time for individual exploration and quiet time in temples
  • Day trip to Abydos and the Osirion, and to the Hathor Temple at Dendera
  • Sunset sail in a felucca on the Nile
  • Relaxing over lunch or a cool drink in the Marsam’s beautiful garden 
  • Visits to other Temples according to how we are guided at the time
  • All Entrance fees to the Temples and Tombs
  • Transport in Egypt by air-conditioned minibus, horse-drawn caleche, taxi and the workers’ ferry, which is modelled on the ancient ceremonial boats 
  • Time to browse in the souk (bazaar) and hone your bargaining skills!

 *Does not include:

  • Airfare to Luxor, Egypt (from UK, approx. £250-300 with Easyjet from Gatwick)
  • Entry Visa (£10 from a bank in the airport, change your money here too, as there's no commission charged)
  • Personal travel insurance (Columbus Direct or Debenhams include cover for balloons)
  • Lunches
  • Evening meals (food in Egypt is cheap, you can have lunch for about £3-4 or £5-6 for an evening meal)
  • Spending money
  • Tips (keep your small change, tipping – baksheesh - is a way of life in Egypt)

Extras for those that wish (to arrange when there):

  • Going up in a  balloon to see the sun rise over the Nile with the temples and fields all spread out below
  • Camel rides, horse rides, bicycle hire - if you're feeling energetic in the afternoons
  • And many another delight in this wonderful land! 



Please let me know if you are interested in one of these Sacred Journeys and I will get back to you with further information. The deposit of £375 is due on booking and the remainder in full one calendar month before we depart, and instalments can be arranged. Call me (I have free calls to landlines and can ring you back) or email me with any questions. I would be pleased to organise a week in Luxor as outlined above for a group of four to eight people who would like to go together, contact me to discuss possibilities.     

Thank you,   Amuna


Enjoying the beautiful food in the cool gardens of the Marsam Hotel, a former artist's studio, where the archaeologists stay while they are working on the excavations of Amenhotep III's 
Mortuary Temple which is just over the wall.


Egypt 2012 Testimonials

Thank you once again for making our Sacred Journey the most amazing and wonderful trip I have ever been on. I feel truly blessed to be a Companion of the Universe. 

I started this day by meditating on the Pyramid of Light whilst thinking about (the group). I have been told by my work colleagues that I'm glowing. No wonder!           

     Helena Johansson, London

I've been visiting Egypt frequently in my dreams - usually building something or overseeing construction. I seem to know that the heavy construction is done somehow using something to do with magnetism and I still feel strongly that the Djed pillar has to do with communication.

I'm still processing and evolving with all the heart opening which was one of the major gifts I think I received from the work we did. I asked B if he thought I was different since my return and he felt I am more peaceful with things not bugging me as much as they used to!

I had a cup of tea with a friend who is Cree Indian and she had clearly seen the picture on the wall in Queen Twosrets tomb - the one with the widespread blue wings - she also had a feeling of great joy and a love connection... I've been doing some exploring of Sirius and also keep finding links between that and Egypt - also with Sekhmet…

I have this very distinct memory of this energy connection between two pyramids and I now realise it was probably an energy connection rather than a direct travel. I remember a very distinct feeling in my gut as a child when the alignment happened, and I am beginning to get flutters of that same gut feeling returning when I meditate on the Pyramid if Light!

Suffice it to say that everyday I feel an ongoing transformation, and I am so thankful that your guides enabled (us) to have such a wonderful time with you in Egypt.

With much love and great blessings, dear Amuna,

   ChrisThompson, Port Alberni, Canada



In April 2011, I had been back from my second trip to Egypt for two weeks,and wanted to send an emailing. I asked Amun Ra how much I should publicly say about the Reopening of the Star Portals in Karnak and Luxor, and for a message to be shared with everyone on my Star Temple Mailing List.  This is his response (It is something I could in no way have said myself!):-

'Oh Amuna Ra Sekhmet Tiye, I hear your call on high. You have entered the realm of the gods through your own efforts, through your dedication to my Temples, through your devoted taking up again of your duties as High Priestess in my Temple. You wish to know what to share with those who follow the Amun Star Temple in the land of Devon. Tell them this:-

'I, Amun Ra, am awakened once more in the Land of Egypt, through my last High Priestess who has come again as the prophesy foretold. She has come in full consciousness of her role as Queen Tiye in the days when the Temples were desecrated and the gods abandoned in the Two Lands. She was thrown out of the Temple and cruelly slain. Down the ages she carried the desire to redress the imbalance and heal the karma resulting from these deeds.

'Down the ages, she has been buffeted in religious struggles and suffered for man's inhumanity to man. She took in all this pain and transmuted it through her compassion. She worked to ease the path to the spirit for those slain at many great turning points of human history on your earth. Always she followed the dead and showed them the way. Always she gave succour to the needy and healed the sick. Always she followed the lonely inner path, keeping silent through the ages. The world passed her by, and still she maintained her inner light and strengthened her core.

'The attacks on her in your world of duality were great, and still she overcame her enemies without violence, through inner strength and persistence. The temptations have been great also, she was tested on all her vulnerabilities. Would she overuse her compassion? Many times she did and the path became longer, till she learned to value herself. As she withstood these trials she moved up the spirals of initiation, and gained communion in ever higher dimensions. Until she withstood the total aloneness of the half-year since the consecration of my Star Temple in her Place of Light, until she finally purified her body and recognised it as her true Temple worthy of only the appropriate offerings.

'Twice has she returned to the Land of Khem. Once to remember all and find the sacred mummy and the sacred places. The second time to awaken me once more in the Holy of Holies in Ipet Isut, to awaken me once more to life in Egypt, as you call it now. First the peoples of Egypt had to awaken and show their courage and great will for change, then could I be awakened again to serve them once more. It took the dedication of my last High Priestess - the Great Queen Tiye - conscious of her earth incarnations and of her star being, to go alone to Ipet Isut and find the Inner Sanctuary and perform the rites.

'This she did in conscious co-working with the throngs of spirit beings rejoicing in jubilation at the Great Festival of Reconnection to the Stars. Three times did she awaken me in my Temple at Ipet Isut that you call Karnak. And then, as she performed the ritual in my Temple of Ipet Rhesyt (Luxor) on the fourth day, I could live once more and appear to her as the Hidden One Revealed, as once I used to do over three millennia of your years ago.

'She has transcended time in becoming conscious of her lives on earth, in the starships, and of her continuing task through the ages. All becomes One in this living recognition. She has reopened the Portals to the Stars in my Temples in Karnak and Luxor. And in this deed of reconnection the intervening time and world karma is dissolved. My Temples are now connected to the stars as once they were before. The gods may now work down again into the Land of Egypt, and peace and prosperity will come to the land.

'She knows not how to speak with you, who long to hear her news, for she has had to keep silence down the millennia. That is why I speak about my High Priestess who does the work of the gods on earth. I, Amun Ra, speak to let the world know of these deeds. I, Amun Ra, speak to call you to gather together in my Temples in the lands of Devon and Egypt. I, Amun Ra, wish to share my vibration of Love with you all, so you may find each other and strengthen each other to work for the right transition of your dear Earth.

'The Time is Now for all to awake who will awaken on earth. For your dear Gaia needs your love and understanding of the great re-birthing she is undergoing. Vast will be the coming changes. Great will be the shifts in consciousness. You will all swiftly find those with whom you truly resonate and with whom you are to do your true work. Do not hesitate to follow the smallest intimations of your hearts, dear ones. And speak out! The time for keeping silence is past. Find each other and rejoice! For this is a blessed time you enter upon, dear ones, a blessed time is coming to the Earth.'
Amun Ra, 13 April 2011



I wish to speak of the being of Draco, an evil star being from the star Alpha Draconis, which was a satellite of the star you know as Sirius A. I use the word evil with conscious intent, for a being is evil if his aims are consistently against the light and for his own interests. This being has worked against the aims of the Star Councils of Light for many of your millennia. And while it is true that all beings are evolving and there is hope in the future for the resolution of all wrongs, it is not helpful to be blind to the actual motives of any being at a particular stage in earthly time. You are beings who live in earthly time while you are upon the earth, and therefore I will use the concepts of earthly time as I speak to you now.

Evil is a concept to denote that the motives of a being are out of sync, you might say, with what is needed from the highest spiritual perspectives. Those beings who align themselves with the Star Councils of Light of the Galactic Federation are working selflessly to aid the right evolution of your planet, and the human beings who dwell upon her. We seek to work with those of you who are open to do so, and we await with joy and some urgency the awakening of many more of you. For the times you live in have need of the participation in consciousness of a critical number of human beings. This critical mass is fast being reached.

That is why those beings who work for the forces of dark, whose interests are not in the evolution of the earth and all human beings, but rather for their own advancement at the expense of the earth and her beloved children, are increasing their efforts to deceive seeking human beings. The deception is on a grand scale. You are aware of many of the aspects of this deception in regard to many of the leaders in the governments of most of your countries. I wish to speak here of the deception and misinformation within the New Age movement itself, for what better place to divert the souls who are seeking the light, dear ones?

Seeds have been planted to suggest that the crop circles which we create to send our scripts and medicines to heal human beings and the earth are not real. Those who put forward these rumours have the arrogance to imply that human beings are able to create these magnificent and intricate formations. We watch with disgust those human beings who perpetrate these fallacious stories which are an attempt to divert as many as possible from the truth which is there for all to feel and sense who enter our formations. We wish each human being who hears these untrue rumours to go into our circles and feel the loving energy which is there to heal them. If they enter our circles with an open heart and goodwill, they will be able to receive our vibrations and our healing.

This is the first step for many towards an acknowledgement that we star beings do exist. And we need many more of you earth people to be open to our existence before we will be able to openly show ourselves to you upon the earth. For we would wish to be able to work with you openly for the salvation of your ascending planet, for the avoidance of the destruction which may otherwise have to happen, and for the pure joy that we – and you - would have in the mutual acknowledgement of our existence.

One of the beings who does not want this to open meeting to take place is the being we shall refer to as Draco, as this star is his origin, and he is the leader of a strong faction of those who seek their own salvation at the expense of the earth and her people. They wish to use the rich metallic resources of the earth to fuel their machines which are necessary to their survival. They would use the people of the earth as slaves to gain these metals for them. To this end is the great subterfuge begun by the cuckoo in the nest, Akhenaten, in Ancient Egypt.

This being was implanted in the royal family at the end of the 18th Dynasty in order to divert the earth in her evolution from the living connection to the stars which had ever been there through the priesthoods and rulers of all the ancient civilisations. This is not to say there was never corruption or self interest. These negative elements come in whenever human beings seek power out of greed instead of using it to serve the divine, and it is part of human development in free will to learn to handle power and use it for the good of all. But up until this point there had never been a break in the connection of the temples of Egypt with the divine and the starry realms of the gods.

When Akhenaten usurped the throne, having had the other sons assassinated, he set about overthrowing the Amun priesthood and establishing the worship of the sun disc, the Aten. The temples were desecrated, and the centre of the new religion was moved to a place in the desert. Now the Aten had always been worshipped in Egypt as the physical body of Ra, the Sun god, but it had never before been separated from its soul and spirit. And you are aware, dear ones, that the Sun is a living being as your earth is, and you know that there is only one result for a living being with a physical body when it is separated from its spiritual aspects, and that is its death, as you call it on the earth. You can see here that this attempt to remove the life-giving sun from its spiritual aspects and its living star connection would have cut off all possibilities of normal development for your planet – and the people and all life living with her. Then the dark forces of Draco would have been free to rape the earth of the riches within her body. Their plan was to have used the people of the earth to extract the minerals for them.[1]This with no consideration of the consequences for the earth and all life upon her.

Now while the ruthless Akhenaten attempt to divert the course of earth evolution lasted only about twenty earth years, after which the old gods were restored by the young Tutankamun, the full and unimpeded link to the stars could never be completely re-established, despite the faithfulness of that part of the Amun priesthood who survived the massacres. Thus there was a severance from the stars for humankind from that point on, and the Egyptian religion slowly declined.

This prepared the way for the religions which worshipped only one god, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the whole development of what you in your ignorance call civilisation and the eventual growth of the world view of materialism, which thrives on competition and plundering the earth. 

Your archaeologists have put forward diverse theories trying to explain the strange physical appearance of Akhenaten with his elongated head and rounded lower body and thighs, which was truly represented in the sculpture. These bodily forms were the nearest to the human that the reptilian star being Draco could manage to assume when he was transplanted fully formed as a physical being into the family of Tiye and Amenhotep III.

Draco-Akhenaten had the high spiritual capacities of a much more advanced star civilisation, and it was particularly his reptile eyes that had the power to mesmerise. Through his compelling gaze, very many were won over to his crazy theories and those who felt their destinies or their self-interest lay with the new way were prepared to kill and destroy all that had gone before in order to achieve what Akhenaten desired, little knowing his true agenda: the plundering of the earth to aid a far-off star to survive.

However, dear ones, in Draco’s first incorporation as Akhenaten, he had far less success in winning people over to his aims than he is having now in your current times. His infiltration of your world-wide-web of the internet has been so extensive that most of the New Age commentators on Ancient Egypt consider Akhenaten a hero, even those who are aware of the plots of the reptilians to work against the opening to the light in humankind.[2] The clear perception of him as an evil being is there in the older writer Omm Sety who never deviates from this stance which Sety 1 in his spirit form constantly expresses to her. [3]And it is there in the every utterance of my faithful Amuna Ra, who can no other than see the one considered her son as evil in what he brought about in her beloved Land of Khem. It took the perceptions of one of her companions in her most recent Sacred Journey to Egypt to alert her to the mesmerising reptilian eyes of Akhenaten so she could fully acknowledge him as the being of Draco. Part of her mission in the Star Connecting Courses is to alert people to the true nature of this being, so they be not misled from their ascension paths.

And it is for this reason that I speak thus in this treatise to you who attend the course, so you may awaken to a deeper understanding of these mysteries, and be not deceived by the whisperings of evil beings, for Draco has many minions who infiltrate the minds of those less disciplined. Dear ones, reflect upon my words for you will find many resonances therein which will enlighten you also to various aspects of your own paths...

It is I, Metatron, who speaks with you.                                                              21 May 2012

[1]PatriciaCori  writes much in her Sirian Revelations about the plans of the Nibiruans  to plunder the earth, which are a help in understanding these concepts.

[2]You can study the works of Barbara Hand Clow to see the complexity of her development in perceiving and understanding of this being over the decades, eg The Mind Chronicles, pp402 – 408, contrasted with The Pleiadian Agenda, p63, and Appendix D, pp274 – 280.

[3]The Search for Omm Sety, JonathanCott, pp160-161, 162, 201-205, 207.

Before my Lady Sekhmet