Here are some beautiful pictures of the last Chakra Painting Workshops in Brixham, where I channelled the beings of each colour and they shared their secrets with us. You can see my lovely group wearing the colour of each chakra and deep in communion with the colour beings as they painted.

Scroll down to see all the colours of the rainbow week by week, with the finale in a listening to how red and blue and yellow come together and meet each in their different ways, and magically create all other colours as they do so: 

  "I found Amuna’s Chakra Painting Workshop an extraordinary experience. The very first contact of mine working with colour and brush took me into an amazing inner journey.    It wasn’t just an ordinary painting workshop. It was meeting personally with colour and feeling and communicating with it through the brush. It was painting the communication, the conversation each of us had with the colour."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dagna Mila, Totnes   


The next Chakra Painting Course will be in the  Star Temple in Calne  - 8 weeks on a weekday morning from 10-12.30 . Contact Amuna to put your name down. £20  per session, with all materials included. Places limited to 6. 

  • CHAKRA PAINTING  -  weekday morning from 10 - 12.30. The Chakra Painting Course is also an introduction to colour - a wonderful way of entering into the living essence of colour.  

  • THE SOUL OF COLOUR  -  weekday morning from 10 - 12.30. This course follows on from Chakra Painting and in it you will discover how colours meet and combine and contrast, giving rise to all sorts of flowing moods and harmonies. 

  • ZODIAC PAINTING WORKSHOPS -   Saturday mornings once a month from 10 - 12.30,  following the Zodiac signs through the year in colour dynamics. 

NB  All materials and equipment are included for all painting courses and workshops. And for all painting courses to run,  I need a minimum of 5 participants committed to the course. So ask your friends too if you're interested, and get back to me.  I'd be happy to talk about starting a course for a group who want to paint - contact me and we can find times that suit. 


  in Calne, Wiltshire

This workshop opens you up on a soul level through painting in the mornings, using an easy method which gives you an immediate experience of the flow of colour and feeling, and takes you out into the sacred landscape around Avebury in the afternoon for an activation in the strong earth energies to be experienced all around - and in crop circles when possible. 

No experience at all is needed for the painting, Amuna will show you a simple technique of painting on wet paper which lends itself to direct inner experience of the colour and how you relate to it.  She'll also give you a Gong shower and lead a meditation to help bring soul balance through colour and movement. All painting materials are included.

Contact me about future dates, all weekend workshops £140.