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EARTHSTAR HEALING GONG MEDITATIONS                                 on the last Sunday of the month from 3-4pm in Calne, Wiltshire. Next EarthStar Meditation - Sunday 30 November - all welcome!

EarthStar Healing is a deep cellular healing through the voice and the harmonics of the gong. The sound vibrations pass through all parts of the body, the skin, tissues, organs and glands, the bony structure, and right down into the cells, where they permeate each cell with a resonance that vibrates in such a way that it can help align it with its original blueprint. That’s how it can heal and re-energise our systems. For example, when there is something to be healed like the cancer I have been healing from recently, where the cells have been stimulated to multiply and reproduce in an abnormal pattern, it can have a very powerful healing effect through its ability to work on the cells to realign their frequency. And when the healing tones of Star Languages are added to the earthy resonance of the gong these effects are greatly enhanced.

The Star Language I channel through is one of the Pleiadian healing languages from my star home on Alcyone. It sounds like a mixture of chanting and singing, sometimes single tones held for a while and sometimes in rapid bursts of intricate sounds. I am at the same time channelling healing energy and working with a synthesis of sound and intention for the greatest good of all who are present, and we are joined by my Healing Colleagues from Arcturus, the Pleiades, and other stars, with whom I work in the City of Light. These Healing Meditations are also of great assistance in the ongoing process of transformation of our physical bodies into the light body, downloading each time an increased quotient of light into our energetic systems.

Please let me know if you would like to join us - everyone most welcome! Suggested donation £5-10. Come 5-10 minutes early to get settled in as I won't be able to open the door once started. Contact me for address and where to park.          


STAR GATHERINGS will resume when there's an interest                               - so let me know! 

"...You have an unprecedented opportunity to reach out to the stars through the channelling of Amuna Ra, we invite you to gather with her, or invite her to come to your group, and pose the questions which you would really like to know about, in relation to the Star Nations who work together on the Star Councils of Light of the Galactic Federation, whose task it is to assist the earth and her peoples in their development. You may also ask us about the crop circles in the Avebury area, which is where we have asked our dear Amuna Ra to live and do our work, and which is the subject of the book she is writing at present that will be available soon with beautiful pictures of all our work along with our words about the creating of the formations for the healing of the earth and humanity... "

Peroptimé-Sandalphon for the Star Councils of Light, 3 May 2013

Each evening I will start with channelling a specific topic and people will have the opportunity to put their questions to the Star Councils of Light. In my channelling I do the work of the Star Councils of Light, teaching people how to connect to the stars and work with the new energies of the Fourth Dimension, my task is not to work as a medium. Suggested donation for the evening £5-10, and there'll be a cup of herb tea after the first hour. Please email me if you would like to come as I need to know the numbers, and I’ll send you details, directions and parking information.  





This is a course of 3 successive workshops, and commitment to all three weekends is necessary. There will be meditations and exercises to be practiced between the weekends and a sharing of progress and experience midway. The course is held in Calne near Avebury, and each weekend costs £140, with a deposit of £40 to hold your place. Please contact Amuna with any queries and she will let you have further details.  

Star Cross and other meditations to ground and balance your energies. Regressions to an empowering life; and then  back to experiencing your very first life on earth; and before that to your star origins and touching in with Source. There will be plenty of time for sharing experiences in the circle, as we all learn a great deal from the stories of others. We will be balancing all the inner work with being out in the sacred landscapes around Avebury, and with gong meditations.


Meditations to anchor into the earth, and open to the star beings, spirit guides and the angelic realms. The Pyramid of Light meditation. Opening to channel consciously, making contact, with the accent on verbal telepathic channelling. Lots of varied channelling practice, continuity and commitment to the spiritual beings. Caring for the temple of your body in the energies of 2013. Sharing of experiences. Please bring a digital recorder, and notebook. Visit to a sacred place in the Avebury area, and direct channelling outside. Gong meditations.


Meditation and energy work exercises for protection and steadiness in the new energies of 2014. The soul balance needed to be both a receiver and transmitter. Further work on clearing your telepathic channel and becoming a conscious co-worker with the star beings, angels and spiritual masters. Individual channelled guidance as needed; the earth-star connection and our role in this. Portals to the stars. Channelling and energy work in the sacred landscape around Avebury. Gong meditations.

   ∆  The  Star Temple of Amun  


This is a workshop in basic energy awareness, sensing and dowsing the aura and how to keep ourselves full of energy and balanced in our souls so we can gain the maximum benefit from the opportunities of multi-dimensional work in our time.  £140.


See Painting for beautiful photos and a full  description of this course which is now available as an intensive weekend workshop for those who can't come once a week. No painting experience needed as we use an easy wet-in-wet technique which just flows for everyone!  £140 with all materials included.



In this one-day workshop in Calne near Avebury, we will be using powerful meditations from Metatron that are really effective in releasing illusions from the four levels of your being. We will work with the physical and emotional bodies in the morning and the mental and spiritual bodies in the afternoon, and by the end of the day you will be feeling very much more empowered to be your true self. 

    9.30 - 5 pm (Please bring a packed lunch and notebook.) £70 

Email me to book your place with the full payment or a deposit of £30 by the week before, and I'll send you further details. 


Day Workshop in Calne, near Avebury, 9.30-5.30
Email me for next date
My guides speak about how Earth has now entered the Fourth Dimension, giving all human beings easier access to spiritual experience. This workshop will explore the opportunities these new energies could mean for you - with gong meditations and practical exercises. 

Day Workshop in Calne, near Avebury  Email me for next dates 

Bring your own crystal skulls along - or borrow one of mine. This workshop will help you deepen your connection to your crystal skulls, attune to the conscious being of your skull and open to channel the crystal beings directly. Amuna has the ability to channel other people's skulls and to mediate the connection between a skull and its keeper when it is not yet fully established.  Email me for further details, to book your place and for directions. 

*ΔΔΔ…All workshops are held in CALNE, near AVEBURY  


These weekends are for those who want to open to channel spiritual and star beings, or to improve their channelling and get some practice. There will be lots of practical experience with varied forms of channelling, and as you progress the accent will be on becoming conscious of which beings you are graced to meet and work with. Amuna will be working with her guides  and the Star Councils of Light to assist you in finding the appropriate forms of communication with those cosmic beings who are so longing for you to open to receive their words and pictures. Our dear Gaia needs human beings to learn how to communicate with the beings of the starry and spiritual worlds so they may work through and with us to help the Earth. We will also be practicing channelling in Crop Circles when possible and in the sacred landscapes of Avebury. £140 per weekend.


Contact me if you are interested in a particular workshop and we can discuss finding a date for your group (minimum of four in Calne) - or enquire about inviting me to your group. (It's likely to be a minimum of six people if I travel to you.) 



SOUL PAINTING & ENERGY ACTIVATION                                     Contact Amuna for next dates ...

This workshop opens you up on a soul level through painting in the mornings, using a simple wet-in-wet technique for direct colour experience, and takes you out into the sacred lands around Avebury in the afternoon for an activation in the strong earth energies to be experienced all around - and in crop circles when possible.

No experience is needed for the painting, Amuna will show you a simple wet-in-wet technique for direct experience of the colour beings.  She'll also give you a Gong shower and lead meditations to bring soul balance the through colour and movement. All painting materials are included


Past Life Workshop:
This workshop will provide an introduction to Past Life Regression and empower you in the present with your strengths from the past.



Amuna also leads Past Life Regression Workshops in Calne near Avebury, Bristol, and Covent Garden London, on themes such as Atlantis, Ancient Egypt or Greece,  etc.  In these full day workshops she introduces the theme and prepares participants through guided meditations in the morning and calls on her guides to help participants to re-experience one of their  previous lives in a full regression in the afternoon.
The workshops offer the opportunity to experience Past Life Regression and if you attend several they will accumulate to build an overview of different lives for those who want to gain insights into their purpose here on earth. The aim of these workshops is to gain a general overview of  the events and circumstances of specific lives and to integrate their gifts. A group setting is of course not the place  for deep therapeutic working and individual sessions can be booked later if anyone needs to do more therapeutic work. That said, very much is transformed in these workshops!

The only requirement for any of these workshops is an open heart and mind - so everyone interested will be very welcome!  £70 per day workshop - Advance booking is essential, with a deposit of £30.

       . . . COMING SOON  . . .

- Painting Classes in The Star Temple, Calne, Wiltshire
Zodiac Painting;   Chakra Painting(both using a wet-in-wet technique that's very easy - all materials provided.) See Painting  for details...


4.30pm with Gong Meditation and Spiral at the Heart Stone in Avebury (in quadrant behind the High St Car Park & Red Lion)  ALL MOST WELCOME!