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I am delighted to announce the launch of my book,  CROP CIRCLE MESSAGES FROM THE STARS: Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and the New Earth, which you  can  order direct at £14.99, plus UK postage and packing. Email me for a Paypal invoice and I'll post you your copy. More details below.  

CROP CIRCLE MESSAGES FROM THE STARS: Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and the New Earth,  by Amuna Ra

My book tells the story of the Avebury crop circles in the pivotal year of 2012 through channelled conversations with the Star Councils of Light. The star beings speak of how and why they made their formations, and of their great wish to help the evolving consciousness of humanity through these beautiful and enigmatic forms.

Each of the thirty-six crop circles is illustrated by stunning photographs in full colour to help you contemplate the words of the star beings. They tell of the transition the earth was passing through in 2012 and 2013 and how the crop circles helped balance the earth as it was shifting on its axis. They also speak of the accelerated spiritual development open to us all since the earth entered the Fourth Dimension at this time, and give teachings and meditations to ease our path in these times of rapid change. 

I share the story of my journey of awakening to the nature of my star counterpart and to being an emissary of the Star Councils of Light, alongside my personal discoveries in the magical crop circles themselves.


You will find many channelled messages about the New Earth and the opportunities this offers us, on the ascension processes, and on crop circles here  Channelling


EarthStar Healing is a deep cellular healing through the voice and the harmonics of the gong. The sound vibrations pass through the whole body right down into the cellular structure, where they permeate each cell with a resonance that vibrates in such a way that it can help align it with its original blueprint. That’s how it can heal and re-energise our bodies and souls. And where there is something to be healed like the cancer I have been healing from recently, where the cells have been stimulated to multiply and reproduce in an abnormal pattern, it can have a powerful healing effect through its ability to normalise the cells through realigning their frequency. And when the healing tones of Star Languages are added to the gong these effects are greatly enhanced. See Regression & Healing


The Star Language I channel through is one of the Pleiadian healing languages. It sounds like a mixture of chanting and singing, sometimes single tones held for a while and sometimes in rapid bursts of intricate sounds. At the same time I channel healing energy and work with a synthesis of sound and intention for the greatest good of all present. The monthly Earth-Star Healing Meditations are also of great assistance in the ongoing process of transformation of our physical bodies into the light body, downloading each time an increased quotient of light into the energetic system of our etheric bodies, our life bodies. See Workshops & Courses


The Star Connecting Courses are channelled directly from Metatron, Melchisedek and the Star Councils of Light with the aim of teaching people to prepare themselves to become conscious channels and co-workers with the star beings who wish to aid humanity and the Earth in the Ascension Processes. This is one of my main tasks and there will be several courses this year based in the Star Temple in Calne near Avebury, which will include channelling and energy work in the crop circles formations and/or the surrounding sacred landscape. For dates & details see Workshops & Courses


I am continuing my much-loved work as a Regression Therapist for those who want to release blocks from the past and become conscious of the patterns of their lives and their mission on earth. I also offer Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressions, and Star Journeys to uncover the origins of your soul and star family. For more information see  Regression & Healing  and  LBL & Star Journeys

Journeys bring power and love back into you,

If you cannot go anywhere,

Move in the passages of the self,

They are like shafts of light, always changing,

And you change when you explore them.



Amuna Ra is a telepathic channel and spiritual teacher. She holds EarthStar Healing Meditations and Star Gatherings, where people can come into conversation with the Star Councils of Light, and teaches courses on how to connect to the star beings through channelling. She is a well-qualified Past Life Regression Therapist whose own memories began to surface in the early eighties. Amuna offers Regression Therapy, Star Journeys, Life Between Lives, EarthStar Healing, Spirit Releasing and Channelled Guidance for your spiritual path. She enjoys working with those who are just starting to venture forth into the worlds of channelling and regression as well as those who are already exploring cosmic dimensions, and always feels honoured to witness people's soul journeys. 

Amuna is also a gong-player and painter, and has international experience in leading workshops and courses in Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, Greece and Egypt. Her background was in the Steiner movement for very many years, where she taught meditation, painting and spiritual development, and was deeply involved in the esoteric. Amuna now has three grandchildren, and lives and works with great happiness in Calne, UK, close to the ancient lands of Avebury.

AMUNA RA                                                                                          (formerly Maggie MacDonald Salter)                                                Dip RTh, Cert LBL, Cert Hyp, Dip Painting (Steiner), PG Cert Western Esotericism

Amuna Ra (Maggie Salter) is committed to the highest standards of integrity and to the code of ethics of the Past Life Regression Academy (PLRA), and the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association (SRTA), of which she is a professional member.